Digital telemetry interfaces

HGL has designed and developed several modules for decoding digital streams coming from a range of telemetry-based acquisition systems. Each of these modules has had to be tailored to meet the specific format of the telemetry  system which generates the data stream.

To date, telemetry systems from the UK, France, and Germany are supported.

BNC to multi-way patch panels

HGL has designed and manufactured a range of 1U-high patch panels to take multiple signals from sensors such as strain gauges, accelerometers, and pressure sensors and to present them in a form suitable for connection to a PC or portable laboratory equipment.


Signal Conditioning Control Module


HGL Systems has designed a programmable signal conditioning interface for use within equipment such as rack-mount chassis PCs or within HGL Dynamics' standard products such as Eagle and HDR. 

Synchronisation Distribution Box

High-speed acquisition systems typically require all samples to be synchronised, even when multiple acquisition cards, housed in separate chassis, are used. However, the synchronisation signals don't "travel" or fan-out well. HGL Systems has developed a clock recovery and regeneration system, operating on LVDS and TTL signals, to resolve this problem.

Switch Matrix Box

Switch matrix module_igp3669_website

A turbine manufacturer faced a choice between manual patching of several hundred sensor connections when configuring a new test, or finding a way of automating the process. HGL designed, manufactured and supplied a set of rack-mounting switch matrices, along with all supporting software, which allow a new configuration to be specified rapidly and simply, and performed virtually instantaneously.

Self-diagnostic capabilities were built-in at the outset to ensure maximum reliability and longevity.

Ethernet Controller module

Ethernet Controller module

A manufacturer of signal-conditioning equipment required a redesign of a controller card to add Ethernet communications to all current functionality; these included serial comms and various hardware control functions. HGL designed new hardware and firmware, and oversaw initial production. HGL continues to provide enhancements.