BNC to multi-way patch panels

HGL has designed and manufactured a range of 1U-high patch panels to take multiple signals from sensors such as strain gauges, accelerometers, and pressure sensors and to present them in a form suitable for connection to a PC or portable laboratory equipment.

Although these panels are typically passive by design, consuming no power, HGL has designed active panels when this has been required by the nature of the task. An example of this is our 32-channel active panel for signals around 1 MHz in bandwidth. Such signals might arise in pyrometry, blade tip clearance, or ultrasound acquisition, to name just a few.

In this case, the signals appearing on BNC cables are in the range -10 V  to +10 V. The acquisition cards specified had low input impedance, and operated over the range -2 V to +2 V. Because of the low input impedance, a simple passive resistor divider would have adversely affected the roll-off characteristics of the system, and so an active design became necessary.